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Project: 50p coin ring

Posted by llemarie on August 11, 2007

Coin ringInspired by Bre’s Weekend Project again, I decided to spend a night making a ring out of a 50p coin. A night. Right.

In a nutshell, you take a pre-1964 90% silver US half-dollar, hold it on its edge and gently tap it with a light hammer. You rotate the coin as you tap around the edge for an hour or so, until you’ve flattened the thing to a ring shape. Then you drill the middle out, Dremel the sharp bits, polish the surface, and offer it to your WAG as you pretend you had to choose between the ring and a new laptop but you went for the ring.

My first mistake was to use a 1977 heptagon shaped 50p coin, 75% copper and 25% nickel – hardly jeweler quality. I couldn’t have chosen one of the new light 8 gram from 1997, no, I had to pick an old 13.5g block of compact lead. Then I didn’t have a clamp, or a decent drill, or a Dremel. All in all, I spent all week banging on the thing.

I’m very pleased the the result though! It’s nice and smooth on the outside, but rough enough that no-one will ever doubt that I made it myself (: The text “Elizabeth II” and “1977” is still on the inside, along with “pence” (the 50 is half gone, does that make it worth 25p ?)

See all the pictures on the flickr set.

Thumb ring

One Response to “Project: 50p coin ring”

  1. I don't know you said

    How can you NOT have a Dremel???

    La honte!

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