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Project: Papercraft skull

Posted by llemarie on August 16, 2007

Papercraft skullThere is a PDF on skulladay.com to make a great little skull with an articulated jaw.

I made a couple out of ordinary printer paper and a proper nice A4 card. It looks like it would make a great little head for a puppet, or a robot ?

View all the pictures in the flickr set.

4 Responses to “Project: Papercraft skull”

  1. Nice job! I love seeing the pattern in use. Nice stand too!

  2. llemarie said

    Thanks! How did you find this post btw?

    This skull was printed on a laser printer and I messed up the toner on the eyes with my fingers when I cut the paper. I did another one with an ink-jet printer, but there are print-lines across the eyes.
    I’ll make a perfect one, one day!

    The stand comes from an RC car toy I’m using for another would-be project.

  3. Via Technorati!

  4. […] the original non-glittery white skull I did a few days ago. Posted by llemarie Filed in Papercraft […]

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