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Project: Frankenphones (update)

Posted by llemarie on October 14, 2007

Well, that didn’t take long. It took less than a week for the inevitable to happen. The duct tape stopped sticking and the right driver came loose, rattling about. That and the blue-tack holding the charging connector stopped tacking. I feel let down by the DIYer’s best friend. I used hotglue this time to hold the driver in place.

I got some comments in Portuguese saying that there weren’t enough pictures of the process anyway. It’s a bit late now for that, but while I repaired the rattling I took some more pictures: flickr.

In the pictures, we can see the irreparable damage I did to the first bluetooth module I had. Because of that I had to replace it ):

We can also see the neat little on/off button. I didn’t even have to drill for it, it simply uses the hole for the old wire. Convenient.

See my original post for details about the headphones.

One Response to “Project: Frankenphones (update)”

  1. Wind said

    Just for your amusement. My own headphones. Not much detail on the process either since it was majority solder wires together. Self explanitory. Turns out nice tho.

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