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Project: Javascript Game Boy Emulator

Posted by llemarie on February 6, 2011

Game Boy Emulator in Javascript

Game Boy Emulator in Javascript

A quick and dirty Game Boy emulator in Javascript.

– Can run Super Mario Land and Tetris (and not much else).
– Full speed (60fps) in Chrome 9.
– Menu to switch cartridges.
– Fast debugger.
– Register view.
– Code and data breakpoints.
– Memory view.
– Program flow trace with disassembler.
– Runs super-slow on iPhone.
– Comes as a single HTML file, data is embedded.

Give it a try here: Game Boy Emulator in Javascript. You’ll probably need Chrome or Safari.


Game Boy CPU Manual

Pan Docs

Game Boy Emulation in Javascript article series

Other implementations of the emulator:


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