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Project: Cardboard stereo amp and speaker

Posted by llemarie on August 16, 2007

A quick post about an old amp I made 10 odd years ago when I got my first PC (being a Mac fan before that). It’s a 5.25″ stereo amp with volume control to use one of the slots at the front of the PC tower.

I’m still using it as my main means of listening to pandora.com while I’m tinkering. Its most reliable feature is the regular hiss that requires a slap to get rid of it. One day I’ll get around to resolder the contacts inside to make it sound a little nicer, but then it’ll lose a little of its charm.

Strictly speaking, the case is cardboard not the amp, but let’s don’t argue about minor details. There’s a single speaker, so it’s not entirely necessary to have a stereo amp, but that way it’s future proof, right ?

See all the pictures in the flickr set.

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