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Project: Oscilloscope clock

Posted by llemarie on August 5, 2007

The finished clock

I just finished building a great kit I ordered recently from dutchtronix. It’s an AVR kit that outputs the signals to display a working clock on your oscilloscope in X-Y mode. It works wonderfully!

The microcontroller is the Atmega Atmel 168, same as used with the Arduino. That’s really convenient because I have a few spares lying around, so I’m hoping to use this kit and reprogram different microcontrollers to display different things in vector graphics.

Building the kit itself was really easy, all the components are standard. The only little difficulty was to power the thing in the end. It requires a steady 5V and I had to cut a USB cable to get my laptop to provide to power. The site has schematics to build a the power supply, so I’ll get the additional components, they don’t come with the kit. It will be useful to build the serial cable too, to reflash the firmware to the more recent 2.6 version, which has an improved user interface.

The author was kind enough to send me the asm source code. I’m hoping programing the atmel in C using the arduino will be fast enough to make my changes; if not I might need to come up with plan B.

You can order the kit from dutchtronix.com.

See the pictures on the flickr set.

Building the kit in 22 seconds:


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