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Projects: Fixed my boots

Posted by llemarie on October 14, 2007

Exciting! I fixed my boots.

I’ve been a walking fashion faux-pas for weeks now, since a metal plate broke at the back of my boots then fell off altogether. We couldn’t have that. New Rock was kind enough to send me a set of replacement plates and rivets with no instructions to take the broken plate off and put the new one in.

The solution: walk about with the broken plate hanging until a piece falls off a few months later and use brute force to pry the remaining bits off. Of course, I should have thought about it before: nothing beats brute force.

After that it took me weeks to finally get my act together and replace the thing. I had to learn how to use a rivet machine – I had to buy a rivet machine. Scary. The whole thing took 10 minutes.

Pixels on flickr.

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